I was born in France and raised in West Africa. I came to the United States in 1988, with a sense of opportunity to discover my potential. It is through painting that this has begun to manifest.

Having experienced the influence of both cultures, French and African, it is here in this land that I am able to have clarity of their connection.

Although both seem to view the splendor of nature through a different eye, in me they have united in a unique experience which fuels and challenges my creativity.

I am moved by the desire to create texture and luminescence in my paintings, feeling challenged to put on canvas what has impressed me in nature.

I paint to create a visual feel of the elements and I would describe my style as a mix of Contemporary Impressionism and Realism with an abstract quality rendered by the composition.

As the viewer stands close to the painting, the image dissociates in abstract shapes of colors, rendering the sense of Impressionism. Further away and the image tightens into a lifelike Realism.


Water is my subject, I study its transparency, reflections and movement.The focus is the symbiosis between the light and the movement of the water, hence reflections and translucence.I work with an acrylic gel applied with a knife in many layers and paint in between the coats. The technique consists of superimposing zones of colors as the image is somehow being “sculpted on canvas.

My paintings come to life, flow, reflect the very essence of creation for me.

I am self-taught and started painting in 2004.

It has been quite an adventure in so many ways and the warm responses from the public has allowed me to continue onto this journey.



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