I am drawn to express the visual feel of Nature, particularly the play of light over the liquidity of water. I paint on canvas superimposing many layers of an acrylic gel applied with a palette knife and zones of colors brushed on between the layers. The movement of the surface is being “sculpted” on canvas into angled planes as the image is slowly being worked out. The zones of colors created between the layers are broadening the depth and eventually  the final image comes to life. Light penetrates into translucence and/or  reflects on the glossy surface, creating a dynamic between the painted image and a more abstract zone held in the movement. I love to paint the liquidity of the water and the range of colors this element has to offer.

Sold originals can be purchased as prints, see Giclee section.

If you would like to see what a painting will look like in your space, I can superimpose an image of any painting into a photo that you email to me. I find this very helpful in giving you an immediate visual idea of how each painting will enhance your special location whether it be in your home or office.