Giclee Enhancing Process

The newest and most sophisticated technology in Art reproduction is called  Giclee, which is a French word translating to “sprayed”. State of the art printers use expensive archival inks to reproduce an image on canvas. All of my Artist Enhanced Giclees belong to a Limited Edition of 240 prints, are signed by me and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

When choosing the stretched option, the print is stretched and wrapped around the gallery size, 1″1/2 stretcher bars. It is either coated with a UV protectant coating applied with a roller on all un-enhanced Giclees, or for the Artist Enhanced Giclees, I use an acrylic gel applied with a palette knife on the surface of the print to sculpt and define the movement of the water, and/or texturize the rocks. I emphasize on angling planes defining movement. It takes many coats with sanding in between to obtain the desired effect. The gel dries to a crystal clear finish.

As the light changes during the day, it catches on the angled planes and the print is being highlighted in different ways. Movement becomes an integral part of the visual. In between coats, I enhance the image with strokes of paints highlighting areas of the composition. This technique adds greatly to the visual depth and value of the print. Obviously the enhancing done with the palette knife and brushes is unique to each piece. I spend as much time on the texturing of a Giclee as I do for an original. Highlighting with paint strokes in between layers becomes a way to perceive and emphasize on a movement held in the image, or the ghost of a face appearing among the bigger picture. Working at enhancing becomes an aspiration to create.

Sizes can be customized and prices vary depending on sizes and whether it is artist enhanced or not.